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    Maren Morris Reveals ‘Playboy’ Collaboration, Ignores the Insta Trolls

    Maren Morris took to social media to share some photos from her upcoming Playboy shoot. The haters came out to comment on the photos, which didn’t seem to bother the sassy singer at all.

    The “Girl” singer shared the images on Tuesday (June 11), showing herself topless (but covering her chest) with orange pants and a cowboy hat. In the second shot, it appears that she’s dangling her bra while holding her breasts. She’s wearing the same outfit but has cow-print cowboy boots on. She looks stunning in each image and her big smile shows how proud she is of the shoot.

    Just one day after posting the Playboy sneaks, her photo garnered more than 99,000 likes and a ton of comments. While other singers like Carly Pearce, Danielle Bradbery, Kassi Ashton and LeAnn Rimes supported the 29-year-old, not all of the comments were positive.

    We don’t want to give the trolls any more ammunition so instead, we’ll highlight some of our favorite comments from supporters. After all, it’s her body and it’s her choice. And to be honest, she looks damn good.

    “Isn’t it [it] funny that a man post a pic shirtless and nobody says anything but when a girl posts a pic shirtless… she automatically is wrong?” @bckrgram wrote. “Maren Morris you are a beautiful example to girls and women everywhere,” @mandamoo12884 said. @skaarsmush added, “Maren Morris be the powerful, beautiful woman u were meant to be.”

    Morris shared more on her Instagram story writing, “The thing about me is, I make music for myself… Some can slut-shame me for my lyrics about sex and you can put me in your little box but I just want to live and love. I recently accepted myself and will put these photos in a frame because I’ll never have this moment back.”

    As Morris pointed out in the comment section, even Dolly Parton has posed for Playboy. So did Madonna, Mariah Carey and Halsey.

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    Look for these gorgeous photos and her full interview with Playboy in their Gender + Sexuality issue which comes out next week.