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Maren Morris + Karina Argow to Release Debut Children’s Book

Nicki Fletcher

The following is a press release:

Chronicle Chroma confirms the forthcoming publication of Addie Ant Goes on an Adventure, the debut children’s picture book co-authored by acclaimed singer-songwriter Maren Morris and her longtime best friend, educator Karina Argow.

Morris and Argow were inspired by reading to Morris’ young son to create their first children’s picture book — one that is visually stunning with a story that both children and adults will find humorous and engaging. Addie Ant Goes on an Adventure combines clever wordplay alongside themes of independence, friendship, and inclusivity, and knowing when to ask for help from trusted friends.

“Inspiring others through words and lyrics is a lifelong passion of mine,” says Morris. “To be able to give back to young learners in this way, to instill in them at a young age a deep love for the world around them gives me great hope for the future. I’m looking forward to this being the start of many adventures for Addie Ant, who I know will become a beloved children’s character.”

“I could not agree more,” echoes Argow. “I’ve dreamed for years about sharing this wonderful world of creatures and their importance to the natural and social environments around them. I hope that the children and adults reading about Addie and her friends can see themselves and remember just how magical we all are and how precious this wonderful world is that we live in!”

Addie Ant travels from one garden bed to another on her first solo adventure, getting lost along the way and finding help from her trusted garden pals to find her way home. The lessons she learns, including how to be brave and independent in a new setting, and when to ask for help, are timeless themes for young readers, and reflect what Maren has become known for in her in her artistry and platform: diversity, friendship, connection, and a love of and deep respect for nature.

“We are excited to publish this delightfully written and beautifully illustrated children’s book,” says Chronicle Chroma Publishing Director, Gloria Fowler. “Morris and Argow have created a charming story about the day in the life of a curious and brave little ant that inhabits a vast and magical garden. Inclusive insect characters such as Lewis Ladybug, Beatrix Butterfly and Cleo Cricket are brought to life through Kelly Anne Dalton’s vivid illustrations.”