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    7 Reasons There’s Nothing Like a Luke Bryan Concert

    When Luke Bryan comes to town, it’s always a party. The 41-year-old’s concerts aren’t just shows, they’re experiences.

    Whether you’re a Bryan fan or not, you can’t deny that he brings big energy. He’s also got the dance moves — and some hit songs. We’ve seen him play stadiums, auditoriums and arenas and these are always consistent. Whether he’s got a broken bone or a cold, he’ll give the audience his all.

    Here are seven reasons there’s really no party like an LB party.

    He’s an all-star.

    Bryan is one of country music’s biggest stars but he’s been a cutie pie with a ton of talent ever since he was a kid. We had a chance to check out his exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame last year and they show off his other talents. The singer’s old baseball uniform was behind glass at the exhibit. Way before he was shakin’ it for audiences, he was playing baseball. Even as a kid, he was destined to be some kind of all-star.

    Luke Bryan concert
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    He shakes it like nobody else.

    Bryan may sing about the country girl’s shaking it for him but he shakes it for fans, too. He’s known for his hip thrusting dance moves and, hey, we think he’s one of the genre’s best dancers.

    Luke Bryan concert

    …and sometimes falls.

    Bryan has never claimed to be graceful and he’s been to known to fall off a stage mid-thrust on more than one occasion. Bryan’s clumsiness (and his hip shakes) make him that much more lovable to fans. After all, no one is perfect — not even the Georgia native.

    Luke Bryan concert

    His tourmates are always impressive.

    Bryan’s been headlining his own shows for years and he’s always had talented supporting acts. He’s toured with Dustin Lynch, Brett Eldredge, Little Big Town. He’s also played shows with Randy Houser, Thomas Rhett and Florida Georgia Line.

    Luke Bryan Concert

    He breaks out covers (and even raps).

    Bryan’s concerts usually include a cover or two — and they’ll usually surprise you. Sometimes he’ll break them down on the piano and sometimes he’ll spit a rap or two. His rap skills are even kind of impressive. Don’t believe us? Watch this.

    You’ll hear a ton of hits.

    Luke Bryan has 17 No. 1 hits. SEVENTEEN! That’s roughly an hour of strictly playing songs that have peaked at No. 1. What about all the songs that have climbed into the Top 10? Or Top 20? This many hits leads to sing-alongs and crowd dances.

    Luke Bryan concert

    It’s a huge party.

    Bryan fans all have one thing in common: a love for his music. Everyone in the crowd always seems genuinely excited to be there, dancing and singing along with the “Kick The Dust Up” singer. Sometimes he even helps us along by throwing a cold beer (or two) to the crowd.

    Luke Bryan concert


    What’s your favorite part of a Luke Bryan concert?


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