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    Lucy Rose’s Compelling Performance Captivates Nashville Venue

    Lucy Rose played at The Basement East Monday night in Nashville. Talented Charlie Cunningham supported her to open the show, playing Spanish-folk songs.

    Rose came to Nashville from Warwickshire, England and put on a very enthralling performance. She was accompanied by two musicians that collectively played the violin, keyboard, bass, electric and acoustic guitar.

    As soon as she opened her mouth to sing her first note, her voice rang out beautiful and soft, steady and flawless. The crowd was thoroughly engaged and respectfully quiet as she performed. This wasn’t a rock show. There was no mosh pit or dance floor. There was just Rose and her folk songs with their insightful lyrics and deep emotion.

    The fans realized quickly how personable and charming Rose is with her British sense of humor. The show eventually became a relationship between the performer and audience, with her making requests and changing her set list to appease the crowd. The energy was mellow and subdued with everyone entranced by Rose and her sweet serenade.

    In between breaks (while drinking a Modelo Negra), she shared stories of her tour. At one point, she admitted that after the release of her second album she didn’t think she could pursue music any longer.

    “I wasn’t sure if anyone wanted to hear the sad songs I wrote in my bedroom,” she explains. Lucky for us, it was her Latin American fans that got her through her doubt and fears. With their help and hospitality, she was able to play free shows in places like Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil and Mexico. There, people reminded her why making music matters.

    “If one person cares,” she says, “continue writing music.”

    At this point in the show, Rose transitions from behind her guitar to the piano to casually mention she wrote the next song for a fan in Paraguay. He requested something he could listen to when life got him down. Rose was inspired to write about the god of fate, Moirai. “I wanted to tell him that he’s a d***,” she jokes. But, joking aside, the song is beautiful and haunting with the bass and violin complimenting her vocals, creating a soft undertone.

    All in all, Rose is a moving performer. During the show’s very last song, she asked the audience to sing with her and their voices filled the venue like a choir. It is in that moment that I realize that Rose has, very literally, taken us to church.

    Click the photo below and download your own copy of Rose’s last album, Something’s Changing. See a full list of her tour dates on her official website. Currently, she has shows scheduled through May.

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