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LSAT guest post

What Is A Good LSAT Score, And How To Find Where You Stand

The first hurdle to cross for getting into an American law school is the Law School Admission Test, famously known as the LSAT. This prerequisite is the most crucial factor in your application, which almost sets your first impression with the admission council. 

However, whether you scored a “good” LSAT score would depend on the law schools you are applying to. 

What is a Good LSAT Score? 

The LSAT scores range from 120 to 180, with a median of 152. In order to attain that median score, you need to get approximately 60 questions right. 

According to Law school admissions experts, a minimum LSAT score of 150 is necessary to be accepted at any decent accredited law school. However, if you have eyes on the top 25 of the  2021 U.S. News Law School Rankings, then you have to aim for a score of 160 or better. 

How To Calculate LSAT Score?

The LSAT score report typically includes three different scores; your raw score, your scaled score, and your percentile rank. Generally, the LSAT score is an ambiguous term that could refer to any of these three scoring types.

Each score has a different calculation and a different meaning. To understand better, here is how each score differs. 

LSAT Raw Score

The LSAT exam usually contains 100 or 101 questions in total. An LSAT Raw score is the number of questions a test taker correctly answers. If you have a score of 90/100, it means that you got ninety questions right out of one hundred. 

LSAT Scaled Score

Law schools compare applications based on the LSAT Scaled score of the aspirants. The Scaled score is a measure of how you compare to other test takers. If you are aiming for any particular school, it is the Scaled score you should focus on. The top ten law schools in the country accept students scoring 170 and above. 

A majority of students receive an average or around 152. If you perform exceptionally well, you java chances of getting a higher scaling score in comparison to others. 

As this score is based on the performance of students, the conversion rate varies each year. However, you can still have a target scale score, as a thumb rule, you need to get over 90 questions correct to score 170 on the scale. 

LSAT Score Percentile 

The Scaled score will categorize you into a score percentile, comparing your score to others. Ranking in a good LSAT percentile is important as it is a direct indication of what percentage of applicants you surpassed. 

For instance, if you are in the 95th percentile, you performed better than 95% of the LSAT test-takers. Along with the scaled score, law schools also give significance to your score percentile. Even small gains in your LSAT score can get you high results in both scaling and percentile. 

Targeting for a perfect 180 is always a good idea. However, when everyone applying for the top schools fall on the same percentile, you have to bring more to the table. Focus on creating a well-rounded application that speaks for your uniqueness with a compelling personal statement and glowing recommendation letters.