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    LOCASH Reveal Track Listing, Cover for ‘Brothers’

    "Everybody is connected, even if it isn't by blood."

    LOCASH just announced their brand new album will be titled, Brothers. The record drops on March 29 but is now available for pre-order through their new label family, Wheelhouse Records/BBR Music Group.

    The title comes from the bond Preston Brust and Chris Lucas share as well as one of their main objectives for the project: bringing people together. Unsurprisingly, the two men are often mistaken as actual brothers. When they created this album, they created it with that message in mind. “Everybody is connected, even if it isn’t by blood.”

    “At the end of the day, we are all brothers and sisters. We’ve all seen our share of sunshine and rain, I know Preston and I certainly have,” Lucas says. “In order to get through it all, we all need to lean on each other… This album is all about recognizing that brotherhood and bringing people together.”

    Brothers is full of that ideal as well as feel-good tunes that make you want to rekindle old friendships and create new memories with them.

    “We wanted to create music that folks can just get lost in for a minute, put their struggles and differences aside and just enjoy the moment,” Brust said. “We wanted Brothers to almost be a soundtrack to those standout moments in life where everybody is enjoying life to the fullest.”

    Fans got their very first taste of the good vibes album with the release of “Feels Like a Party.” Brust and Lucas wrote that song along with the track’s co-producers, Corey Crowder and Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard. The song has party vibes and a laid-back feel.

    “Feels Like a Party” and 10 other tracks will be available on Brothers, which drops on March 29. Pre-order your copy by clicking on the album artwork below.

    Brothers Track Listing:

    1. “One Big Country Song” (Jesse Frasure, Ashley Gorley, Michael Hardy)
    2. “How Much Time You Got” — (Jacob Durrett, Corey Crowder, Rhett Akins)
    3. “Brothers” — (Preston Brust, Chris Lucas, Corey Crowder, Tyler Hubbard)
    4. “Summer in a Truck” — (Rhett Akins, Ben Hayslip, Zach Crowell)
    5. “God Thing” — (Jordan Schmidt, Alex Smith, Tyler Hubbard, Russell Dickerson)
    6. “It’s Only Midnight” — (Marv Green, Rhett Akins, Dallas Davidson)
    7. “Feels Like a Party” — (Preston Brust, Chris Lucas, Tyler Hubbard, Corey Crowder)
    8. “Secret Weapon” — (Preston Brust, Chris Lucas, Jordan Schmidt, Corey Crowder)
    9. “Cold Beer Kinda Night” — (Chris DeStefano, Ashley Gorley, Rhett Akins)
    10. “Kissing a Girl” — (Matthew West, Andrew Pruis, Thomas Finchum)
    11. “Beers to Catch Up On” — (Rhett Akins, Jeremy Stover, Paul DiGiovanni)

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