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Nashville Noise Gets to Know Local Artist Lindsey Johnson

Lindsey Johnson art
Lindsey Johnson Art and Designs

Local artist Lindsey Johnson is a talented creator who works with bright colors and is inspired by nostalgia. Nashville Noise sat down with the talented artist to get to know her and her artwork.

It took Johnson some trial and error to find her creative niche. She knew she was meant to create, but she wasn’t sure what. When she put paint on canvas, she realized she found her destiny and, thus, Lindsey Johnson Art and Designs was born.

“I would describe my art as boldly colorful, abstract, with a touch of whimsy and quirk,” she describes. Artists like Marc Chagall, Henri Matisse, Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso inspire her.


After honing her craft, Johnson began doing local art shows. The very first time she put her art on display for the public, she got a very warm reception.

“A lady said my work reminded her of another artist ‘whose work was far too expensive for her now.’ She purchased one of my paintings, left, came back a few hours later and purchased another. It was the first time I was aware that my art could evoke emotions in another. She said that after she left she just couldn’t stop thinking about the other painting. I was so grateful to her for that! That one person gave me an endless supply of confidence and motivation that I still draw from, pun intended.”


Lindsey finds her inspiration in anything that’s nostalgic or retro. She lets the inspiration flow through her then cranks the music up and gets down and dirty — literally — with her art.

“I’m not a neat painter,” she admits. “I’m covered in acrylic from head to toe before a piece is finished. There’s nothing pretty about my technique, or lack thereof. I don’t think a lot about what I’m doing when I’m painting, I just go with it. I let the brush kind of lead the way.”

She lets the brush lead the way in the comfort of her own home. Her dining room studio is what she calls “organized clutter.” “Tubes of acrylics, frames, canvases and tools are everywhere and I’m sure it looks like a hot mess to all who enter, but it’s kind of like my sanctuary. I, somehow, know where everything is and it’s where I’m most comfortable creating — right at home.”

Currently, Johnson has some stunning art for sale but she’s also adding to her creative merchandise. She recently added hats to her art collection — and people are loving them!


Check out Johnson’s artwork on July 1 at the Nashville Art Crawl in the Historic Arcade from 6PM to 9PM. She’ll also be at the Shabby 2 Chic Salon and Spa in Smyrna starting at 7:30PM. Can’t make the July dates to see her? Stay tuned for more information about her October exhibition at the Bell Buckle Craft Festival.

From there, who knows where we’ll see Johnson’s work but she has big dreams.

“My goal is to continue creating pieces of art that inspires others. As long as others look at a piece I created and feel something, or become motivated to explore their own creativity, I’ll be fulfilled professionally and personally.”

For more information on Johnson’s work, like her Facebook page and tell her Nashville Noise sent you!