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    Exclusive EP Stream: Lindsay Latimer’s ‘Little Tiny Ocean’

    Lindsay Latimer is a Nashville pop artist with a new EP that drops everywhere tomorrow (Feb. 7). We have the exclusive stream of Little Tiny Ocean before you can hear it anywhere else.

    Latimer has a unique story that is almost as intriguing as her beautiful voice. She has a degree in classical voice performance, an array of musical influences and relatable songwriting skills. More interesting than that though is the inspiration behind this new EP.

    Latimer did something very unusual in this day and age, especially for an artist. She took a lengthy hiatus from social media. This EP is the result of that break. In it, she addresses the pitfalls of social media.

    When asked about the theme behind Little Tiny Ocean, she responded by saying it addresses “the addictive nature of social media told in a bleak and honest way.”

    “Some night in Aug. 2018, I cried a lot and I was crying over the conundrum of whether I could delete social media off my phone for the foreseeable future,” she explains. Latimer wasn’t sure if she could maintain an audience, or even keep working, without social media. She knew it had a hold on her and had to do something about it. “I basically was saying to myself that social media was more important to me than my mental health. That, in itself, is proof that I had lost perspective entirely.”

    Little Tiny Ocean is her honest take on being addicted to social media and the effects it can have. This EP is also her debut work as a producer. Listen to the four-track EP below and share it with a friend that you think would dig her beautiful voice and message.

    Little Tiny Ocean is out everywhere on Feb. 7.


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