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    Lifehouse Announce Greatest Hits Album

    Lifehouse are releasing their very first compilation album, a greatest hits record, this summer.

    Lifehouse: Greatest Hits drops on July 14 and will feature many of their popular hits. “First Time,” “Halfway Gone,” “Me and You” and “Hurricane” are just a few of the songs on the 18-track album. Of course, they can’t have a greatest hits compilation without “Hanging by a Moment.” That was the most popular radio track from 2001. Fans can pre-order Lifehouse: Greatest Hits now on Amazon.

    Since they’re releasing the record, they’re going to celebrate the best way possible. They’re hitting the road for a summer tour. On July 23, the band will co-headline a summer trek with Switchfoot. The Looking for Summer Tour runs through Sept. 10 and they will make a stop in Nashville on Aug. 18.

    The record is now available for pre-order on Amazon and tickets for their Nashville show are also on sale now.

    Lifehouse: Greatest Hits Track List:

    1. “Hanging by a Moment”
    2. “Sick Cycle Carousel”
    3. “Breathing”
    4. “Everything”
    5. “Spin”
    6. “Take Me Away”
    7. “You And Me”
    8. “Blind”
    9. “First Time”
    10. “Whatever It Takes”
    11. “Broken” (Radio Version)
    12. “Halfway Gone”
    13. “Falling In”
    14. “All In”
    15. “From Where You Are”
    16. “It Is What It Is”
    17. “Between The Raindrops” (feat. Natasha Bedingfield)
    18. “Hurricane”

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