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    Country Newcomer Liddy Clark Opens Up About Debut EP

    Up-and-coming country singer, Liddy Clark, just released her debut EP. We chatted with Clark about the music, the stories behind the songs and more.

    On Friday, Clark just released her five-track EP, Testing the Waters. The EP includes a cover of “I Hope You Dance,” the just-released “Holding Her Hand” and our favorite, “Painted by Numbers.” She describes it as “carefree” and “witty.” We recently got to sit down with the talented singer and learn more about the EP and her inspiration.

    Nashville Noise: First of all, congrats on your debut! How are you feeling now that it’s out?
    Liddy Clark: Really excited! I’ve been getting great feedback from fans, friends and family so it’s been fantastic getting to share these songs with everyone.

    You also just released “Holding Her Hand.” What’s the story behind it?
    LC: I wrote that song a few years back about that feeling you get while watching somebody you care a lot about moving on while you’re still stuck caring about them. It’s an insufferable feeling but it helps to talk about it, or in this case, write.

    Wow. You definitely can feel that deep meaning on the track. There’s also a cover of “I Hope You Dance” on the EP. What does that song mean to you? 
    LC: I’ve always loved that song ever since I was a little kid. I really wanted to cover it once I heard my cousin, Drew Womack (who was actually on the original record with Lee Ann), cover it during one of his shows. I asked him if he would ever cut it with me and once he said yes I knew I had to record it. I wanted to make sure with this spin to keep true to the lyrics of the song but to update the instrumentation so that the next generation of country music could hear this song for what it is.

    Have fans gravitated toward any one song on the EP in particular?
    LC: It really depends on who it is, I’ve had many people tell me that they love “I Hope You Dance,” but others really love “Holding Her Hand” and “Painted by Numbers” the most.

    I think the latter, “Painted by Numbers,” is my personal favorite. It’s an important message — especially for women. Why did you want to put such a strong message on your EP?
    Thank you! I remember sitting down and writing this song, knowing that I had to help talk myself through a particular situation in my life & I knew that I wanted this song to do the same for other people. It’s been such a liberating song for me in particular that I wanted others to get a chance to feel that same way by listening to it.


    Stay tuned for more from Clark and download your own copy of her EP (it’s a great price!) by clicking on the album art below. Also be sure to follow her on YouTube for some impressive all-genre covers.