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    Country Singer Lexi Lauren Chats ‘California Christmas’ EP

    "There’s just something about the holiday season that feels magical."

    Lexi Lauren is a big fan of the holidays. She loves classic Christmas songs, holiday traditions and the magic of it all. 

    This year, the 16-year-old has released an EP full of Christmas music. California Christmas includes four Christmas covers and one original song. We sat down with her to discuss the music, the holidays and what she’s got in store for 2019.

    Nashville Noise: You’re a country music fan, and singer, because of a Martina McBride song. What was it about Martina that made you want to pursue music?
    Lexi Lauren: I fell in love with Martina’s music because she tells such unique stories and each song had such different concepts. I remember listening to “I’m Gonna Love You Through It” for the first time and instantly connecting to the lyrics. My grandpa was sick with stage four lung cancer at the time and I felt like someone finally understood how I was feeling. That was really what inspired me to get into music. I hope my music touches others the way hers touched me.

    Wow. That’s a beautiful story. On another note, congrats on your new Christmas EP, which is out today. What makes this holiday so special for you?
    LL: There’s just something about the holiday season that feels magical! Having family close to me, spending quality time together, seeing all of the decorations and listening to my favorite Christmas music. It’s definitely the most wonderful time of the year!

    What are some of your family traditions?
    LL: Every year at Christmastime, we all pile up in the car, go get hot chocolate and drive around to look at all the Christmas lights. We always stop for hot chocolate on the way and it’s something we’ve all done together for as long as I can remember! My grandma [also] gives my sister and I each a different nutcracker every year. And every year my mom, sister and I always go and get mani/pedis on Christmas Eve!

    That sounds fun! I bet you have a lot of favorite Christmas songs. How did you narrow down the covers for this EP?
    LL: I wanted to pick popular Christmas songs from different decades. I thought it would be super cool to make each song sound like the era it came from while still making sure it worked together as an EP. We had a lot of fun in the studio, finding different instruments that were popular from the different decades and I absolutely love the way it turned out!

    You don’t just have covers on the EP, though. What’s the story behind the original song, “California Christmas”?
    LL: “California Christmas” is about missing my hometown around the holidays. Last year was the first Christmas I was away from home and it felt so strange being 2,000 miles away from family, friends and everything familiar back in California. I came up with the idea to include different lines from other classic holiday songs and, if you listen closely, you can catch about 10 different references. This song is so special to me and I’m so excited to get to share it with the world.

    It’s such a fun EP as a whole. So looking past Christmas, what’s are your hopes for 2019?
    LL: My two biggest New Year’s resolutions are to release a lot more music and to play a bunch more shows in 2019.

    Download Lauren’s California Christmas by clicking on the album art below.

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