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    Exclusive Album Stream: Leslie Cours Mather’s ‘I’m a Survivor’

    After bravely battling health issues, Leslie Cours Mather is back with a brand new album. We’ve got the exclusive stream of I’m a Survivor — one day before its release.

    Mather has been a country singer for a while but she recently took some time off to take care of herself. This album is a direct reflection of overcoming health obstacles, recovering from a kidney transplant and seeing life from a brand new point of view.

    “You really never know what’s going on in somebody’s life, what the real story is,” she says in a YouTube interview. “Because we spend so much time social media and we only see what people want us to see. But what about the real story?”

    Now, Mather is ready to tell her real story with this album that’s appropriately titled, I’m a Survivor.

    “Up until about two years ago, I was out promoting myself as a country music artist and suddenly was diagnosed with kidney failure which led to dialysis and a kidney transplant. Since that time, my songwriting has changed. The health issues made me realize that you can’t really determine what’s handed to you but you can determine how you handle it and what I realized through all of it is I’m a survivor.”

    That inspiring, positive outlook is featured throughout the album. Check out the exclusive stream of I’m a Survivor below — and share it with your friends who could use some positivity.

    I’m a Survivor is out everywhere Sept. 28.