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Léon Basement East
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Léon Turns The Basement East into a Dance Party

Swedish indie pop singer, Léon, concluded her You And I tour with a sold-out show at The Basement East on Tuesday night (May 21). Léon debuted her self-titled album this past March and followed its release with an international tour.

The show kicked off with the dreamy, synth-driven track “Lost Time.” The soulful love song was the perfect way to warm the audience up for what would be an emotional, energetic and downright cathartic experience. 

Léon is not shy about her heartaches and struggles which makes both her album and her live shows feel like a girl’s night with your best friend. From romance to heartache to jealousy, she addressed the deepest and, —sometimes ugliest — feelings that we all experience. When leading into her song, “Pink,” she discussed the vulnerability of choosing to put a name (“Maybe you’ll see that Stephanie, she’s not for you”) in a song.

“Maybe I’ll regret it later,” she mused before adding, “Hopefully she hasn’t heard it.”

She introduced her 2017 single, “Body,” with the story of a summer romance that started on an island. Léon said that she fell hard and fast but that the subject did not turn out to be the person that she thought he was. Midway through the painfully bittersweet song, she shifted into a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.” Her vocals on the cover truly showcased her talent.

There was not a stray note all night and Léon’s vocals were just as beautiful as her studio recordings. Backed only by a keyboard during “Come Home to Me,” her big, bluesy voice filled the room. 

Léon was tearful when she mentioned that Nashville was the last stop on her tour. “It feels extra special tonight,” she reflected, blotting her eyes but still smiling.

Lauren Howard for Nashville Noise

She closed the show with her latest single, “You and I,” off the new album. She did return to her fans for a two-song encore featuring “Tired of Talking” and “Surround Me.” During the latter, she climbed off the stage and danced all the way through the crowd of the sold-out show, stopping to dance with, and even twirl audience members. It was certainly a unique and memorable evening for all.

Léon makes music to laugh, rejoice, cry and dance to. She is both light and earnest at once; both deeply feeling and also full of sparkle.