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    ‘Drunk’ Fan Crashes Lee Brice Concert for the Best Reason [Watch]

    A “drunk” fan interrupted a Lee Brice and Lewis Brice concert recently. After some back and forth, it was finally obvious why he crashed the stage.

    The brothers recently played Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom in New Hampshire but it wasn’t a typical show. Lewis opened for Lee and, during his performance, Lee took a second to thank his brother for performing. When the crowd cheered for Lewis, a man appeared on stage.

    “You’re not Lewis,” Lee said. “What are you doing? This is my friend, Kevin. He’s a local.”

    The audience cheered for Kevin as he took a selfie with Lee on stage. “This is kind of when friends start to be aggravating,” Lee said as the crowd laughed. The brothers then began the song they co-wrote together, “Alabama,” but Kevin just wouldn’t leave the stage.

    His girlfriend is then seen on the video, encouraging him to get off the stage during the concert. She seemed both not happy and embarrassed. The brothers got through a verse and chorus of “Alabama” but Kevin was still there.

    “Kevin, what are you doing, man? Why are you still here?” Kevin mumbled that he wanted to help the brothers sing before then inviting his girlfriend on stage (much to her bewilderment). What he did next made the crowd go crazy, but you’ll have to watch the video below. We don’t want to spoil it.

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