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    Lady Gaga Unveils New Lyric Video — But Don’t Try to Read the Lyrics

    Lady Gaga has dropped the lyric video for “The Cure” and it’s beautiful — but you probably shouldn’t try to read the words. 

    The artsy lyric video shows Mother Monster sitting on a satin chair with a matching satin sheet flowing behind her. Her hair looks natural and messy and she’s wearing a see-through blue outfit and heels. She sits with her arms stretched out as the camera moves back and forth in the trippy visual.

    When the vocals to “The Cure” kick in, the lyrics begin spinning around her in the frame. The words continue to move around in black and white as the background color transitions in the same two colors. As the words rapidly rotate, they jump to the bass. Although it’s a beautifully artsy lyric video, reading the words is more than just a little challenging.

    “The Cure” is a one off for Gaga and it seemed to signal the end of the Joanne era. She debuted the single live at Coachella in mid-April.

    Watch the lyric video for Lady Gaga’s “The Cure” above but, do yourself a favor, and don’t try to keep up with the words.