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    Kip Moore Fan Diary: From Ireland to Nashville for a Country Singer

    This is the very first fan diary on Nashville Noise and it comes from a dedicated Kip Moore fan. She traveled from Ireland to Music City for the singer.

    “On a Wednesday in September, I found myself sitting alone in the Dublin airport about to board a plane to Nashville. I was heading to Music City to stay with someone I’d only met once in person. And we planned on traveling to meet friends we’d only ever met on Twitter. The reason for all of this? Kip Moore.

    I love Moore’s music. His lyrics speak to me like nothing I’ve ever heard before. I only know Kip Moore the artist. I have no idea what he’s like behind the scenes, yet here I was about to travel to another country to stay with strangers to see him on a special weekend. It was the weekend after the release of Slowheart and we’d get to see him three times.

    Kip Moore fan diary

    All my family and friends back in Ireland thought I was crazy. I was traveling across the world to see an artist I’d just seen the month before and doing it with strangers. But that’s the thing about Moore’s diehard fans, we’re a family. I couldn’t wait to meet these three for the first time.

    Our first stop on the Moore road trip was to Kentucky. We had a great trip and, of course, played the new album on repeat the whole time. When we got word that Moore was doing a signing at Cracker Barrel, we knew we had to make a pit stop. I waited in line and it was almost my turn to meet him when my jet lag and nerves kicked in. I just couldn’t do it.

    Luckily, I didn’t let nerves ruin my time. We went to the show — and even soundcheck! We got to the venue so early that we got to stand front row for the concert. It was incredible. I was lost in his music and his passion. I was lost in the moment and the fun and had a few too many drinks (hey, I’m Irish!). The over-consumption of fun meant we spent the night in a truck in the parking lot but it was worth it.

    The next morning rolled around and it was time for concert number two in Missouri and another night of sleeping in the car. We were just too tired to go all the way back to Nashville. The next morning, the sunlight hit our faces and woke us up for our long journey back to Music City. The journey was worth it though, we’d get to see Moore at a charity event with Tony Hawk. My luck of the Irish kicked in and I won VIP passes to the show, which made it even more special.

    Standing there when he came out on stage it hit me, I was in Nashville. I was here after traveling alone, staying with someone I knew through Twitter, hanging out with people I’d only met online and I was doing it all to hear my favorite singer. It was a weekend full of laughter, sleeping in trucks, getting ready at truck stops, sleeping too little and drinking too much. And it was worth every penny.

    I traveled 9,580 miles total to see Kip Moore perform live and I would have traveled twice that.

    Thank you to Kip and the Slowhearts and to my friends for making that weekend one that I will never forget.”


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