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    BBR Music Group’s King Calaway Release Their Debut EP

    After some teasing from the label, six-piece band King Calaway have finally released their debut EP. Here’s what you need to know about the new band.

    The band dropped their EP on Friday, giving music fans a taste of their unique sound. Despite just releasing their music, they’ve already generated quite a buzz and we’re definitely keeping an eye on them this year.

    “We are over the moon to finally have these new songs out for people to listen to,” the band’s Simon Dumas says. “As a group, all we want is to make a positive influence with our music, and we hope everyone who listens to the record hears that. After months of making this EP the best it could be, we’re thrilled to finally release it.”

    On the self-titled EP is their debut single, “World For Two.” The song shows their range and mixes a blend of influences. Along with the single, King Calaway released their beachy music video for the song.

    King Calaway was co-produced by Ross Copperman, who also wrote several of the tracks, alongside the band’s mentor, music-industry veteran Robert Deaton. The Warren Brothers, Teddy Geiger, Mitchell Tenpenny and Devin Dawson also have writing credits on the record.

    King Calaway was formed in 2018 but, before then, bandmates Dumas, Jordan Harvey, Chad Michael Jervis, Chris Deaton, Caleb Miller and Austin Luther all pursued their own solo careers. Harvey, Jervis and Dumas all share frontman duties and are backed by thick, multi-part harmonies from Deaton, Miller and Luther. The result is a layered vocal sound that nods to the band’s influences, including the Eagles, Keith Urban and Ed Sheeran.

    King Calaway has something for everyone. While they embrace their country roots, they also reach beyond that.

    Get your first taste of King Calaway by downloading the EP. Click on the album artwork below to get your own copy. Stay up to date by visiting the band’s official website and give them a follow on Instagram.

    King Calaway EP Track List:

    1. “World For Two”
    2. “No Matter What”
    3. “I Do”
    4. “Love the One You’re With”
    5. “Rivers”