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    Kenny Chesney’s Trip Around the Sun is Bringing Him to Nashville

    Kenny Chesney had a big announcement to make on Wednesday morning! The No Shoes Nation leader is making a Trip Around the Sun and coming to Nashville.

    Chesney is getting back to his fans in 2018 with a massive Trip Around the Sun. He’s been busy lately helping the Virgin Islands cope following the devastation left by Hurricane Irma. He’s also been working on his forthcoming 30-track album, Live In No Shoes Nation. Now that the album is ready for its Oct. 27 release, Chesney is ready to tour.

    “Listening to all those tapes of all those shows led to Live in No Shoes Nation,” he explains. “And playing those two nights in Foxboro this year made me really want to get out there with all the people who live this music. We have so much fun, so much life, so many memories — all tied up in these shows and these songs — I am ready to get out there and kick into another summer where we can all celebrate how lucky we are to love life and be able to come together.”

    The singer’s stadium tour kicks off on April 21 in Tampa but on Aug. 11 he’ll be back in Nashville. For that summer show, he’ll take over the home of the Tennessee Titans, Nissan Stadium with Thomas Rhett, Old Dominion and Brandon Lay.

    “There’s nothing like a stadium full of people coming together to remind you what life’s about. The energy, the moments, the fun. Every single one of these artists who’re coming out with us for Trip Around the Sun live their lives the exact same way: they work hard, they appreciate what they’re given and they love music every bit as much as they love life. I, personally, can’t wait to see this show hit the road.”

    Fans can grab tickets to Nissan Stadium show and see the full list of stadium dates on Chesney’s official website.


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