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    Kenny Chesney Announces Lottery for ‘Living in Fast Forward’ Book

    "When it started coming together and I saw what it could be, I wanted something more than just a book."

    Kenny Chesney’s coffee table book is finally on the way but there’s a limited number. These books are extra special and they’ve been created with his superfans, No Shoes Nation, in mind. He wanted to honor them with beautiful memories they could keep.

    “How do I share all that this is with the fans? And how do I do it in a way that honors the quality of what we shared? That creates a sense of momentum, of euphoria, of how it feels?”

    “This is a very special journey every year and I am the only person who truly was able to capture it all because I’m there when the stage is built, the buses pull in,” he says. “Looking at all the pictures from Glen, Jill and Allister, I saw this amazing story — and I knew I wanted to do something that would still be here long after we were gone, and so I started to dream.”

    That dream eventually became Kenny Chesney: Living in Fast Forward. The coffee table book is 456 pages of art with pictures by photographers Allister Ann, Jill Trunnell and Glen Rose. The book starts with his first days on the road and showcases his journey to the superstar he is today.

    The 3,500 books were sourced, designed, printed and bound right here in Middle Tennessee. They’re also signed and numbered. It was a creative process that sounds grueling but, ultimately, worth it.

    “I had no idea what I was getting into. Book design, printing tests, revising layouts but I had a great creative director helping me — and photos that really captured the soul of all that this has been. When it started coming together and I saw what it could be, I wanted something more than just a book — and the designer not only knew where to go but how to make this project something we could literally create right here in Tennessee!”

    “This wasn’t about how many could we sell, or how far could we push it. It was giving those people on the journey something that honored what we’ve shared in a way very few things do. We have shared so much, and I wanted to make something that was as special as what’s between these covers.”

    Members of No Shoes Nation should have already received their emails about the books. Since they’re limited, the books will be sold based on a lottery. Alternates will also be selected, should any of the 3,500 opt not to buy their copy.

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