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    Kelly Willis Brings Feisty Personality, Impressive Vocals to Franklin Theatre

    Kelly Willis filled the majestic Franklin Theatre on Saturday night with her immense talent. Her classic country voice mesmerized us from start to finish.

    Willis kicked things off with “Back Being Blue,” the title track from her seventh album. The record is her first solo album in 11 years since the release of Translated from Love. Willis hasn’t been away from the music business, though. She’s been working and touring alongside her husband, Bruce Robison.

    Robison is a singer but he’s also a songwriter and is the lyricist behind George Strait’s “Wrapped.” Willis actually recorded the song before Strait did. Their versions are different but Willis is very humble in addressing how Strait helped the track gain popularity.

    One of Willis’ major standouts of the night also had an interesting story.

    “My husband, Bruce Robison, wrote this song with my ex, Mas Palermo,” she explained. “It was a really terrible moment in time for me ’cause Mas and I were divorced and Bruce and I had broken up. And then they started hanging out. I was like, ‘That’s really not right. I don’t think that’s allowed.’ So they’re hanging out and they wrote this song. Bruce and I weren’t speaking to each other but Mas and I were so Mas brought me this song and I really liked it. So, I cut it.”

    The song, “Take It All Out On You,” ended up making her 1993 self-titled album.

    Kelly Willis Franklin Theatre
    Mickie Howell for Nashville Noise

    Through the entirety of her downtown Franklin show, Willis kept us entertained. Her effortless voice was a joy to listen to and her feisty personality kept us laughing. She’s currently on tour and, if she’s coming to your town, you should definitely get tickets. You will not be disappointed.

    Grab a copy of her newest album by clicking on the album art below.

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