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Keith Urban Debuts ‘Messed Up As Me’ During CRS 2024

Country Radio Seminar has a few events we can count on to be great and the UMG luncheon is one of them. Keith Urban closed the star-studded lunch by performing two songs, including the just released “Messed Up As Me.”

The new track is an instant earworm, despite having an unsettled feeling to it. It’s the same feeling that arises from an unsettled, unhealthy relationship.

Urban describes saying, “Let’s put it this way. “Most of us have been in dysfunctional relationships before, where there’s not a lot of compatibility, except for that one area where it’s so good you put up with all the rest. A phone call or a night out and you’re right back where you shouldn’t be.”

“Messed Up As Me” is produced by Urban and his longtime co-producer, Dann Huff. It’s expected to be on the singer’s upcoming album along with “Straight Line.” We’ll bring you more details on the record when we have them. For now, let us know what you think about “Messed Up As Me” in the comments of the live debut below.