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    Keala Settle Emotionally Delivers ‘This Is Me’ During 2018 Oscars

    Keala Settle delivered an emotional performance of “This Is Me” (from The Greatest Showman) during the 2018 Oscars. 

    Zendaya, from the film, introduced Settle saying the song was “so much more than a piece of music.” She continued adding, “It has become an anthem for all of us who have ever had trouble marching to the beat others drum for us.”

    Settle had a lot to live up to after that introduction and she did so much more. She wowed from start to finish while wearing a sparkly, v-neck floral gown with sheer sleeves. She left it all on the 2018 Oscars stage, making everyone in the audience feel every word she sang.

    Behind her, a chorus filled the stage to help her sing the song. Eventually, the chorus filled the aisles of the Oscars. It was such a moving performance that even the most famous Oscars attendees couldn’t help but dance along. Viola Davis, in particular, cheered loudly. She loved every minute of Settle’s performance. And so did we.