Music Crush of the Month: Karen Waldrup Covers ‘I Hope You Dance’


August’s Music Crush of the Month is the talented Karen Waldrup. This week, we’re crushing on her cover of Lee Ann Womack‘s “I Hope You Dance.”

Waldrup posted the cover in May and it’s garnered nearly seven thousand views in that short time. Before she performs the track in her YouTube video, she introduces the popular song.

“Hey, you guys! It’s Karen Waldrup,” she says in the selfie video with her guitar in hand. “I’m going to sing ‘I Hope You Dance’ by Lee Ann Womack. This goes out to anybody today who might be facing a hard decision in their life or if you’re having a hard day. This goes out to you.”

In the video, she begins to strum her acoustic guitar with her eyes closed — really feeling the music. Although she keeps the song pretty true to the original, her unique voice adds her own little flair to the track.

“Thank you guys for watching,” Waldrup says in conclusion. “If you like what you hear please share the video, maybe it’ll make someone’s day… Have a great day!”

Fans flooded the YouTube cover with comments telling her how “beautiful” and “angelic” her voice is. Another fan said they “enjoyed it very much.” The song got so much attention from Waldrup fans worldwide that she put it on her record, Justified. It closes out the 11 track album that dropped in mid-July.

Watch the entire video cover above and stay tuned for more Waldrup throughout the month. Want to get to know her more? Check out our initial post introducing her. Follow along as we interview the talented lady — and share one of her family recipes. And, who knows, maybe we’ll give away a few copies of her record!