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    Kalie Shorr Fills Nashville Venue to Celebrate ‘Awake’ Release

    Kalie Shorr just dropped her highly anticipated EP, Awake. To celebrate the milestone, she performed for an overflowing Nashville audience at The Back Corner Thursday night.

    Weaving between Awake‘s seven tracks, including the lead single, “Two Hands,” Shorr intertwined her country songs with the spunky beats of pop music and the soul of rock ‘n roll. (She even surprised the audience when she showcased her love for rock with a cover of Lit’s “My Own Worst Enemy.”)

    Throughout her performance, Shorr highlighted Awake’s diversity. Songs like “Candy” and “Who What When Where Why” prove that her admirable lyricism and strong vocals could be the life of the party, but she also presented a more stripped-down, authentic version of herself in “Backseat.”

    The Maine singer-songwriter thrust herself on country music’s radar in 2017 with her empowering single “Fight Like a Girl,” found on her Slingshot EP. Still, she prides herself on that same go-getter attitude that made fans love her.

    “Sometimes, this industry makes you second guess yourself,” Shorr admits. “It might not even mean to — there are just so many opinions and it’s easy to try to please everyone. This project is the first time I’ve tuned everything else out but my own gut feeling on who I am and what makes me unique. This past summer, I bought a new electric guitar, met an amazing producer and fell back in love with the records that made me want to write songs in the first place. Before I knew it, the Awake EP was born. I couldn’t be more excited for its release, this record feels like the most authentic introduction to me I could give anyone.”

    After finishing her set, Shorr thanked fans for their undying support and left them with her “Two Hands” music video. 

    Check out more footage from the party below and grab your copy of Shorr’s EP, Awake.

    Awake Track Listing:

    1. “Awake”
    2. “Two Hands”
    3. “Candy”
    4. “Backseat”
    5. “Damn Sky”
    6. “Who What When Where Why”
    7. “Cool Kids”

    Like the sound of Shorr’s solo music? Check out “Time’s Up,” a song she co-wrote with the other women in Song Suffragettes.