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    June 2023 New Music: All-Genre Playlist from Nashville Noise

    June saw a lot of live music and even more music releases. Here are our favorite June 2023 new music releases from any genre.

    “Low Life” – Pillbox Patti

    Pillbox Patti’s new song looks at the trauma in a small town first love. This honest song is everything we love about the singer. “My small town, first real-big young love story isn’t a pretty one. It wasn’t tailgates and creek beds… it wasn’t county fairs or muscadine wine on a Friday night… it wasn’t innocent,” she explains. “It was doing blow off of a Pastor Troy CD case in a random P.O.S. car, driving around all night lookin’ for pills, drinkin’ bad whiskey and Sprite out of a Speedway cup on a Tuesday – low life romantic. He didn’t carve a heart with our initials in an oak tree, he got a really sh**** tat of my name in jail. He never bought me a single piece of jewelry that he didn’t steal back from me and sell. He wasn’t a thief and a liar and a f*** up because he was a bad person, he didn’t break my heart because he didn’t love me…he was just an addict. Wherever he is, he’s still my favorite ex.”

    River House Artists

    Zach Seabaugh – “Now How I Want To”

    This song from Zach Seabaugh hits you right in the feels. The dreamy track will convert anyone into a fan of the talented artist and his songwriting skills.

    And we’ll both move on to somebody new/
    It’s a hell of a time getting over you/
    Now I’m left with a broken heart/
    Wish I didn’t fall so hard/
    I’m thinking about you

    Walker Montgomery – “Lonely for a Livin'”

    “Trent Tomlinson sent this one to me,” Montgomery says of this song. “We were looking for a song that was kind of swampy, that had some attitude to it. This one stuck out to me, it’s definitely different from what I’ve recorded before. I’m always trying to push my comfort boundaries just to see if I can do it and pull it off. It was one of those songs I was on the fence about but I’m glad that we ended up doing it. I’m really excited about how it came together.” 

    Roberta Lea – “Girl Trip”

    I first saw Roberta Lea live at Nashville’s City Winery for the Next Women of Country announcement. She performed her current single, “Girl Trip,” and I couldn’t help but move. Lea’s vocals along with the song’s groove make this song a summer staple!

    Brad Paisley – “So Many Summers”

    “Live it up and have a good time, because you only get so many summers.” This summer single was written by Paisley, Ross Copperman and Lee Thomas Miller. It’s the second song off Paisley’s soon to-be-released album Son of The Mountains, marking his first album with UMG Nashville.