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    Nashville Noise Gets to Know Triple Threat Musician Jordyn Stoddard

    Jordyn Stoddard is still a young musician but she’s already positioned herself as a talented triple threat. She recently released a new single, “Bad Baby,” and we chatted with her about the new song, her influences and what’s to come.

    Nashville Noise: You do it all. You sing, you play and you write music. What came first for you when you started developing your love for music?
    Jordyn Stoddard: I have been singing ever since I can remember. I grew up singing songs from Avril Lavigne, Hilary Duff, Kenny Chesney and so many more. My dad was constantly playing all types of music and he could tell I really loved it. At a really young age, he would take me to karaoke nights and I would get up there and sing. I entered my first singing contest at 7 years old in Green Cove, FL at a small fair. I sang “Come Clean” by Hilary Duff and had practiced a whole dance routine as well. I didn’t win but it definitely sparked something in me to continue performing and singing.

    Your sound is this perfect blend of country and pop. Who are some of your influences?
    JS: I have so many musical influences sometimes I lose track of them all. I will say that Kenny Chesney is one of my tops. He was the first person I went to see in concert and I have been listening to his music ever since I can remember. He is the reason I love country music and fell in love with Nashville. I am also very inspired by Taylor Swift and her songwriting. For a while, I was afraid to say that because so many people compared me to her. I would be lying if I said I didn’t listen to her music and draw inspiration from her lyrics. She is a big reason why I started writing songs and playing guitar. Taylor introduced a whole new perspective on songwriting.

    Since you started performing, you’ve opened for artists like The Band Perry, Brett Eldredge, Montgomery Gentry, Chris Young and so many more. What have you learned from these artists?
    JS: Opening up for artists I grew up listening to and still listen to always amazes me. Being behind stage watching these artists perform is so incredible. The love they have for their fans is amazing and you can see that on stage. They love what they do. I am constantly taking notes from other entertainers so I can better myself as a performer.

    You just recently released “Bad Baby.” What’s the story behind that song?
    JS: It was important to me that when I moved to Nashville I really hone in on my songwriting. I love cutting songs from other writers in town because there are so many incredible songs out there. I also love songwriting and that is a big part of my artistry. I spent the last two years really diving into what I wanted to say and the sounds that represent me. “Bad Baby” was the first song where I sat back and said, “OK this is the song I’ve been waiting to write. This is me.” I wrote this song with my good friend Peyton Porter about really falling in love and wanting to take that next step with that person. You know you both like each other but when is the right time to say it out loud. That’s exactly what Bad Baby explains.

    This is your first single release since your debut album back in 2015. How have you changed as an artist since then?
    JS: My music has definitely evolved over time and I am so excited to get more music out there. The best piece of advice I was given when I moved here was to be authentic and honest. I am eager for people to hear more because that is exactly what this next chapter is.

    We love the new song and wish you all the success but we also can’t wait to see it live! What upcoming shows do you have?
    JS: I am working on a fall tour right now don’t have official dates yet, but they will be announced soon.

    Stay tuned for more from Stoddard and download “Bad Baby” by clicking on the artwork above.