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Jordan Davis Almost Maybes
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Jordan Davis Releases ‘Almost Maybes’ + Announces Self-Titled EP

Jordan Davis is readying his six-track self-titled EP, which drops on May 22. He just gave fans a taste of the new music through “Almost Maybes,” the EP’s opening track.

“This is one that feels universal,” he says of the new single. “For the few things in life that do fall into place and work out; there are a lot more that don’t. This is for those times, the ‘almost maybes.’”

In the song he sings, “Here’s to the almost so close, it’s over out of the blues. Here’s to the hey I think we need to talk and the it ain’t me it’s you’s. Here’s to the tears and beers and wasted years on the weeds that look like daisies. I wouldn’t be sitting here next to you if it weren’t for the almost maybes.”

The six-song EP was produced by Paul DiGiovanni and includes his collaboration with Julia Michaels (“Cool Anymore”) and his deeply personal, “Detours.” See the entire tracklist below.

Jordan Davis EP Tracklist:

1. “Almost Maybes”
2. “Church in a Chevy”
3. “Ruin My Weekend”
4. “Little Lime”
5. “Detours
6. “Cool Anymore” (feat. Julia Michaels)

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