Country Singer JoLivi Talks Hawaiian Roots + New Single, ‘Better’

Nashville Noise recently chatted with Hawaiian country singer, JoLivi. During our interview, she opened up about her island upbringing and her newest single.

JoLivi is no stranger to the music industry. When she first pursued her career, she was pursuing a dream of pop music. Now, several years later she’s on a different path and this feels like the one she’s meant to be on.

“I realized that I wanted to do country,” she says after admitting she came to the realization that country music was really what she wanted to be writing.

Now she’s making a name for herself as both a singer and songwriter and we’re obsessed with her latest song, “Better.” It’s a sassy kiss-off after a breakup that left you better off alone. It’s a song that celebrates that “I get to go and do what I want to do, not what my significant other at the time wanted me to do.”

“You left me but you left me better.”

Watch the full interview above and check out “Better” below.