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    These 8 Gifts Will Complete Your Johnny Cash Collection

    If you’re a Johnny Cash lover, you’ve probably got a collection of your prized The Man in Black memorabilia. Add these unique pieces to complete your Cash collection. Or make a friend’s day and surprise them with one of these items.

    Johnny Cash Finger Tee

    Who doesn’t love this Cash image? It’s a classic! Make this your new brunch tee or wear it to work under your dress shirt to express how you really feel. This black shirt is available now through Amazon.

    Framed Quote

    This is a quintessential Cash quote and it’s a romantic gift for the lady in your life. She’ll love displaying this quote in a prominent place. The best part? The price tag. This one is available through Etsy.

    Vinyl Record Bowl

    This is one of the most unique pieces on our list. It’s a bowl made from an authentic Cash record (it sounds like it’ll be a surprise which record arrives). You can use this as a coffee table decoration — or for storing your, um, goodies. It’s only $14 on Amazon.

    Johnny Cash Canvas Wall Art

    This Cash canvas wall art is truly unique. This one comes in three pieces for the great price of only $23.99. It doesn’t come framed but it’s so cool, it’ll look great either way. Order yours here.

    The Unknown Poems

    If a book is more up your alley, this book will look great on a coffee table or on a bookshelf. The Unknown Poems is a beautiful collection of words. Grab this one now from Amazon. The paperback version is just $7.99!

    Mini Acoustic Guitar

    So this may not actually be Cash’s acoustic guitar but it’s adorable. It’s a miniature replica with Cash shooting the bird. This one will definitely complete your music room.

    Wall Clock

    This vinyl wall clock is made from real vinyl so it’ll definitely get visitors at your house talking. These clocks are 12 inches and there are multiple varieties available. Find out more here.

    Music Collection

    If you’ve been looking to start your Cash collection, this music collection is the perfect way to do that. It includes 20 original albums from The Man in Black himself. They’re running low on this particular gift set so place your order ASAP! If you’re looking for more music than that, the complete Columbia Album collection is also available for $201.

    Share this Cash gift list with the classic country lover in your life. They’ll thank you for it.