John Rich’s Redneck Riviera Brand Expands with New Products


John Rich‘s Redneck Riviera brand is growing.

Nashville Noise recently attended the second-anniversary party for Rich’s brand at the country singer’s home, Mt. Richmore. We already drink (and love) his two whiskeys but now he’s adding two more products to his line. There’s now a Redneck Riviera beef jerky. He partnered with The Classic Jerky, a division of Jack Line, for the line.

The beef jerky is, of course, American made and will include three flavors. There’s a Whiskey BBQ flavor (which actually has Redneck Riviera in it), Amarillo Heat and a Spicy Fried Pickle (our favorite). These will all be available in mid-February.

Rich’s Redneck Riviera is also expanding to add a ready to drink called Howdy Dew. It’s made from red wine and tastes like an alcoholic Hawaiian punch.

“It’s gonna be like the rowdy cousin that shows up at the party,” he says with a smile. This cocktail in a can is perfect for spring and summer (or anytime really).

As with his whiskey products, Rich will continue to donate to Folds of Honor through his new items. “I cannot wait to get out there and share the flavors with America and continue to give back to the Folds of Honor.”

Watch Rich discuss his new products in the video above.


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