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    John Rich Needed Granny Rich’s Approval on His Redneck Riviera Whiskey

    Big and Rich‘s John Rich announced his Redneck Riviera whiskey with a party at his home on Saturday night. He spoke with journalists and music industry friends before the party, telling them all about the American-made whiskey.

    During the press conference, he admitted he “had to run it by the greatest whiskey drinker that I personally know.” She’s been drinking whiskey for decades and she just so happens to be his grandma. That’s right, he needed Granny Rich’s approval for Redneck Riviera whiskey.

    “She’s been a whiskey sipper since… she says 14 years old, which is probably true,” Rich says with a smile. He brought her some of his American blended whiskey and they sat down for a 10:30 AM tasting. Granny Rich is no stranger to a whiskey drink in the morning but this one was special.

    Did Rich get his grandma’s approval on the drink? Find out in the hilarious video above and be sure to subscribe to Nashville Noise on YouTube for more video content in 2018.