Jessie James Decker has the Perfect Home Workout Solution

Jessie James Decker workout

Jessie James Decker is a busy mom of two but she still finds time to take care of herself with this fast-paced home workout.

Decker posted her workout video a year ago but I finally worked up the nerve to try it myself. With the temperatures in Nashville dropping, outside workouts are becoming less feasible. I decided to give Decker’s workout a try because it’s easy to do at home and it’s easy to fit into a busy schedule.

In the beginning of the video, Decker openly discusses her workout regimen and her healthy eating habits. She does this at-home workout twice in a row when she can, but she’s not hard on herself if she misses a day. The best part about Decker is she’s honest about her regimen and admits that it may not work for everyone. She also allows herself to eat a cookie if she wants one (and that’s a lifestyle I can get behind) but she does try be moderately healthy.

I hadn’t worked out or gone jogging in a few weeks when I tried this but I knew I had to jump back in — even if I was a little nervous. I did this at home with seven-pound dumbbells and a yoga mat. It started off pretty easy — I mean, who doesn’t like jumping jacks? Then, I got to the squat jumps and I was pretty much miserable.

Jessie James Decker workout

I kept at it, though, despite being baffled by Decker’s donkey kicks. She makes them look easy but they certainly are not — especially if you’re lacking in upper arm strength.

Ten minutes later, the workout was over and I was ready to do it a second time. I was out of breath and a little sweaty but it felt good. Decker’s a pretty motivational workout partner and, if I can manage to do this video, you can too!

Looking for some workout tunes? Grab Decker’s Southern Girl City Lights.

Update: After 12 hours, my glutes are so sore!