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    Jessie James Decker on Staying Active, South Beach + Cheat Meals

    It’s a new year and, if you’re anything like us, you’re trying to be healthier. Jessie James Decker is a busy mom with a flourishing career and a passion for health and wellness. We spoke to her to find out tips on staying active during the pandemic, maintaining sanity at home with little ones and she even spilled the tea on new music.

    Nashville Noise: I loved watching you on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve! You looked amazing, too. I did see on Instagram that your daughter called you after and was a little upset with you. What happened?
    Jessie James Decker: She called me because she was upset that I wasn’t singing on New Year’s Rockin Eve. As soon as I got on the phone she said mommy, you look pretty and everything but why aren’t you singing? I told her that “Baby, mommy is doing her other job hosting tonight but I will sing very soon.” She responded with nothing and handed the phone to my mother (laughs). It’s very sweet and makes me smile.

    “I’ve been doing music my whole life and sometimes I feel like people don’t see me as a singer… but my children see me as a singer first and it warms my heart because they know it’s my true and first passion.”

    NN: That is so sweet. Speaking of the New Year, did you make any resolutions this year?
    JJD: My resolution this year was to get more organized! I’ve always been the fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl but it’s starting to catch up with me and I need to be more organized because it will make my life easier.

    NN: I know a lot of people have resolutions centered around health and wellness. Do you have any tips for staying healthy and active during the pandemic?
    JJD: My tip is to set an alarm to remind yourself every day to work out or be active for at least 20 minutes a day. Work out hard for 20 minutes or at least take a walk where you are walking intensely for at least 20 minutes. I know it’s hard but just set your mind to it and carve that time out for yourself. You will feel so much better when you were finished.

    NN: I love that idea! What’s your favorite thing to workout in from your KITTENISH line?
    JJD: My favorite KITTENISH workout gear is our active sports bras because they are super supportive! We also just launched workout bands that are so easy to take everywhere with you. You can get such a great workout with those and they are so easy. 

    NN: I know South Beach is keeping you healthy too. What was it that originally excited you about South Beach?
    JJD: What I originally loved about the South Beach diet was everything they stand for is what I was already doing. When they approached me about a partnership I had already known about South Beach because my mom did it in the 90s and the early 2000s. But when I dove really deep into South Beach diet theory and philosophy I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I was already following the South Beach way to lose the baby weight after my first! It was such an easy partnership because I was already aligned with the lifestyle. What’s even better is that it’s delivered straight to your door now. So on busy days, I can grab a bar or shake and still know I’m getting all the benefits.

    NN: Who do you think can benefit from it?
    JJD: I think anyone can benefit from the South Beach diet! It’s so easy and the food is delicious. I love all their snacks and protein shakes especially. You just have to set your mind to it! It works every time for me.

    NN: I try to be healthy but we all need a good cheat meal every now and then. What’s your favorite cheat meal?
    JJD: My favorite cheat meal is a big juicy cheeseburger and french fries and, of course, chocolate chip cookies.

    NN: I told our readers we’d be talking to you and Lauren sent in a great question. She wants to know your secret to staying sane during a pandemic with three kids and a husband?
    JJD: The pandemic was hard when it came to carving out alone time with my husband but you just have to do it. I know it’s frowned upon but we called it “iPad Time” where we would give the kids their iPads for 30 minutes and just carve out that alone time to do whatever we wanted to do. I know this year has been challenging but the positive is we have been all in this together and I think it’s great to talk about it so no one feels alone.

    NN: Definitely. I know a lot of us have felt very isolated lately. Music has been helping me through it which brings me to my next question. Can we expect any new music from you soon?
    JJD: Yes we can look forward to new music finally! It’s been really hard not being able to release music for the last couple of years. But I signed with a new label and I’m really excited for everyone to hear what I’ve been working on this year.

    NN: So exciting! Any other projects in the works?
    JJD: For upcoming new projects I just signed on for a third book! It will be another cookbook and I’m really excited about it! We are going to open more KITTENISH stores. And we will be venturing out within the KITTENISH brand into cosmetics etc. I’m very excited about the direction my brand is going in.