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Nashville Noise Gets to Know Americana Duo Jericho Woods

Jericho Woods is a duo from Kentucky with blue collar roots and tons of experience in music. We sat down with the cousins to get to know the men behind the music.

Jericho Woods may be the most hardworking band you haven’t heard of yet. They worked so hard around Kentucky that they were named their home state’s Favorite Performing Band for 2016 by Kentucky Living Magazine. They call it “one of the bigger honors we’ve been given” — at least for now. But let’s go back to the beginning. How did the cousins decide to form a band? For them, it was all about timing.

“I reached out to Paul [Priest] about just putting some songs together that I had — maybe record them, maybe not,” Josh Mitcham explains. “We’d been wanting to do something together for 10 years and we were like ships in the night. He was playing bluegrass and I was in another group that was playing pretty often. It just hadn’t worked out and this time we got together and it was good. It was just the right time.”

Music has always been an important part of Mitcham and Priest’s lives and their diverse influences are evident on the six-track EP they released in May.They cite Tom Petty, The Allman Brothers, John Mellencamp and even Hootie and the Blowfish as musical influences. That means you’ll hear a unique blend of southern rock, bluegrass, country and americana.

Their current single from the EP is “Better Now” and that was an obvious first single for the duo. “It was kind of in the middle of the spectrum of those six songs. It represented us pretty well… We felt like that was a good place to start,” they say.

They’re having a good time playing the EP on the road and they’re giving it everything they have on stage.

“We try to leave everything up there. We give you all we’ve got. We think our live shows are a great representation of our different personalities, how we really are. We’re pretty much open books. We’re not a mysterious band at all. We like for our friends and, it’s weird to say the word fans, we like for our friends to know us. We think they’ll understand our music more if they know who we are and where we come from. And we like to have a good time,” Priest says before continuing.

 “The fact that they spend money and come out to our shows means so much to us. We’re really appreciative to get to play shows for people. Live shows, I think it’s as much a treat for us as it is our audience.”

We highly recommend checking out Jericho Woods’ EP on iTunes and catching a live show. Full dates are listed on their website and, although they don’t have another Nashville date listed right now, they’re playing several shows in driving distance.

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