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    Jan. 15: What to Watch This Weekend

    Between movie theaters, VOD, Redbox, Netflix and the rest of the streaming platforms, a lot of content dropped this week. I went through and found some of the best options you can watch this weekend.



    Omari Hardwick stars in the horror/thriller, Spell. In the film, he plays Marquis who is trying to escape a Hoodoo practitioner.


    Outside the Wire

    Anthony Mackie stars in the latest Netflix action film set in the near future. In Outside the Wire, “a drone pilot sent into a war zone finds himself paired with a top-secret android officer on a mission to stop a nuclear attack.”

    Disney +


    Phase four of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is here and it comes in the form of their first TV show. New episodes of WandaVision drop weekly on Disney+.


    Don’t Tell a Soul

    Jack Dylan Grazer and Fionn Whitehead star as two brothers who end up getting more than they bargained for while stealing money to help their sick mother. Check out my review (and interview with the two stars).

    The Bid

    According to a press release about the comedy, it “tells the story of two rappers played by Boone and Rich—named Boone and Rich—who gets framed by an overzealous Philadelphia police officer. The duo is sent to prison and they are forced to fight the unjust Philadelphia prison system from the inside. Richard Harris has done prison time in the past, so he is experienced in dealing with the stresses and struggles of incarceration. Boone, on the other hand, is totally out of his comfort zone and violates ALL prison rules and ethics. Boone’s behavior and attitude place the duo in a series of jailhouse dramas. We don’t know whether to fear for their lives or burst out laughing.” Watch it on Amazon here.