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    Gifted Teenage Musician Uses His Talents to Raise Money for College

    James Linden Hogg is the immensely talented 17-year-old you haven’t heard of — yet. He’s a multi-talented musician that’s using his talent to raise money for college. 

    Hogg just turned 17 this summer but he’s already accomplished so much. Most notably, he had his own day in his town and he’s the reigning State Fiddle Champion. Hogg has also released lots of music at his young age, including his recent take on “Thank God I’m a Country Boy.” Baton Rouge’s WAFB spoke with Hogg about the release of the John Denver classic.

    “I recorded this earlier this year,” he tells the station. “It’s ‘Thank God, I’m a Country Boy.’ John Denver recorded that and made it a famous tune. It’s not just me on the record. There are Billy Dean, Restless Heart’s Larry Stewart, Ricky Skaggs and Shenandoah’s Marty Raybon. There’s Herb Peterson, [the] gentleman who’s singing harmony with Denver on the original recording is singing harmony on my recording! Each artist does a verse in the song. It sounds really neat. It’s kind of cutting edge.”

    The single is now available on iTunes and he’s putting the money in his college fund. That’s not all the revenue going towards his future, though. Hogg also has the appropriately titled albums, College Fund Vol. 1 and College Fund Vol. 2. He describes the latter as “a wonderful selection of classic sacred sounds that you might hear in an Abby or Cathedral during evensong.” He’s not mainstream country and he has quite an ear for gospel and historical music, but we’re loving everything he puts his name on. He’s a prodigy in his own right.

    Help Hogg save money for college by purchasing his single on iTunes (hey, it’s only .99!). Find out more about the talented teen by visiting his website.

    We have a feeling we’ll be hearing a lot more from the 17-year-old in the future.