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    Divorced Dad Makes Proposal Extra Special with the Help of Jake Owen

    This weekend, Jake Owen performed during Louisville’s Fourth Street Live. It was just a fun night of music for all the concertgoers — all except one.

    A divorced dad was in the audience of Owen’s show this weekend and, unlike many other fans, he had big plans. He’d been preparing to propose to his girlfriend for quite some time — even tweeting the singer several days before.

    When show day rolled around, Ken took to Twitter once again to reach out to Owen. “Can you please play ‘Don’t Think’ tonight in Louisville? I am proposing at the show,” he wrote directly to the country singer. Owen didn’t respond so Ken tweeted him again — and his daughter chimed in this time. She wrote, “And I came 5,000 miles for the occasion. Any chance of pulling my dad on stage for the song?” Although Owen didn’t respond publicly on Twitter, he did even better.

    Nashville Noise’s good pal, Kristen Gilma, was at the show and knows Ken from Twitter (and real life). She says that once the Ohio dad proposed to his now fiance, Owen stopped his set. He invited them on stage and made the proposal extra special.

    “Still pinching myself. Been married once for 23 years, and the decision to try again was hard. Wanted it to be special,” Ken says. We definitely think this was a special way to celebrate their love and it’s a great story to tell.

    “It was epic,” he says. “A night we will never forget.”

    Congratulations to the happy couple from Nashville Noise! Send Ken your own congratulations on Twitter and check out photos from the sweet proposal below.