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    Jack Johnson Has a Song for Americans Before the Election

    On Friday, Jack Johnson took to Instagram to share an original song. Johnson’s song is a message to Americans ahead of the election.

    Along with the video the caption read, “In the spirit of democracy and because #MidtermsMatter, Jack wrote this song encouraging people to go vote..”

    Johnson’s short social media song not only encourages people to vote, he gives them an idea of what to look for. He suggests looking at the money and what the politicians did to get their money. The singer-songwriter says we don’t need “corporate robots” but suggests voters instead vote for humans.

    Watch the entire song below.

    What do you think about Johnson’s election day song? Did he convince you to get out and vote on Nov. 6?


    Like Johnson said, “learn about your local candidates and support the ones that share your values.” Visit Head Count for your local voting information.

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