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    Review: ‘IT Chapter Two’ is an Intense Experience in 4DX

    Pennywise fans, your favorite terrifying clown is back. IT Chapter Two is out now and it’s an intense experience — if you see it in 4DX.

    The horror flick (which is actually more of a thriller this time around) just opened and Pennywise is back after 27 years. He’s back to scare the Losers’ Club in Derry. The kids are now adults and, although they’re reluctant, they ultimately decide to return to their hometown after Mike Hanlon calls them all. They reminisce on their first interactions with the clown and the memories start flooding back until they face off with Pennywise one last time.

    This second chapter isn’t as thrilling as the first. It lacks jump scares and, honestly, we needed a lot more of Pennywise. Seeing it in 4DX made it completely worth it, though. From the “blood dripping” (don’t worry, it was just water) to the smoke effects to the random scents that made us feel like we were in Pennywise’s world, it was a complete experience. Our seats rocked and rattled (they even hit us a few times) and shifted based on POV in the film. Honestly, it’s the only way to see IT Chapter Two — and make sure you keep the water effects on.

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    If you live in Nashville and want to see the new movie, it’s available in 4DX at Regal Opry Mills. Find movie times and more information here. Interested in seeing a more family-friend flick in 4DX? We’ve got information on that here.

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