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    Interview: Scott Hamilton’s Event Brings People Together to Fight Cancer

    Scott Hamilton is a legend on the ice. He’s got an Olympic spirit that led him to 16 consecutive championships and an Olympic gold medal! But perhaps Hamilton is now better known for his dedicated work to solving cancer in every form, at every level. 

    Hamilton and his CARES Foundation have focused efforts on “treating cancer upside down.” They help cancer patients become educated on the battle they’re facing and how to treat their bodies during the treatment.

    As a survivor himself of both testicular and brain cancer, Hamilton understands what it takes mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially to combat cancer at every level. 

    On Nov. 21 at Bridgestone Arena, his Scott Hamilton & Friends event will focus its efforts on the fight against glioblastoma, which claimed the life of Michael Busbee (better known as just busbee) in 2019.

    “We put on events like this to gather people together,” Hamilton says of this annual event. “The more people we get involved, the more quickly we can solve this problem. When I see just what these research dollars can accomplish and the fruit they bear, we just got to keep going… until we have an answer for every form of cancer that there is.” 

    The evening will include Olympic, World & National Champion Figure Skaters performing to some incredible live music. Musical talent includes CeCe Winans, Maren Morris, for KING & COUNTRY and Grace Potter, just to name a few. Winans will also pay tribute to busbee. Katia Gordeeva, Gracie Gold and Elladj Baldé are just a few of the talented skaters who will lend their talents to this great cause.

    Although it will be a fun night, CARES is on a mission. “We are picking the bullies. We are picking the toughest ones and we’re going after them. Right now, Glio – it’s a tough one. Not many people survive much more than a year. It’s a tough one to go through, but we aim to make it better.”

    “I think we can do better. I think there is enough science out there where we can rise above our current situation and step into the next, which is surviving cancer legitimately, authentically, in a way that doesn’t leverage our future.”

    Get your tickets to the family-friendly Scott Hamilton & Friends event here.

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