Interview: Halle Kearns on ‘Shoes to Fill,’ EP + More

It wasn’t that long ago that country singer Halle Kearns packed up and moved to Nashville to pursue her dreams. Since she’s been living in Music City, she’s been releasing music that showcases who she is as an artist. Most recently, she dropped “Shoes to Fill,” a song about her dad.

“He is my best friend in the whole world and he’s done such a good job all my life of showing me how I deserve to be loved and letting me know my worth,” she says about him. That was the inspiration for the new song and when he heard it — he couldn’t contain himself.

That song is one of five that will be included in Kearns’ forthcoming EP. She didn’t tell us the exact date but that EP will drop sometime this month and it does a pretty good job encompassing who she is as an artist.

Watch the full interview above and stay tuned to Nashville Noise for more on Kearns.