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    The Illusionists Live From Broadway Take Nashville on a Magical Ride

    Anyone who attends The Illusionists Live From Broadway at Nashville’s TPAC will believe in magic. The captivating show is a delight for people of all ages.

    The Illusionists opened their Music City run to an excited audience at TPAC on Friday night. Both children and adults were abuzz with energy before the first show. The laid-back crowd was ready for a bewitching evening, even if they didn’t know what they were in for.

    Colin Cloud, Jonathan Goodwin, Jeff Hobson, Kevin James and An Ha Lim are The Illusionists. They each have their own specialty and each delight in their own ways. Hobson (The Trickster) was the night’s exuberant emcee, always able to get a laugh from the crowd. Women in the Andrew Jackson Hall seats could also be heard oohing and aahing over his flashy wardrobe (including a suit jacket with glittery tiger stripe accents).

    Cloud (The Deductionist) started things off with an impressive mathematical equation that revealed the audience number, date and exact time of the show. It was an enthralling start. He’s been dubbed the Sherlock Holmes of the mind but his mind-reading wasn’t all he did. Cloud was also able to get a few laughs in between mind tricks.

    The Daredevil, Goodwin, had the most interesting tricks. He seemingly has no fears. Whether it’s being strung up by his teeth while handcuffed or having a crossbow pointed directly at his chest, he never let the audience see him sweat. There were moments during his death-defying tricks where silence filled the auditorium.

    James (The Inventor) impressed the children the most. Despite technical difficulty during a moon trick, he kept the show going. His most awe-inspiring illusion was where he trapped his beautiful assistant in a glass jar, pulling a Help Wanted sign above her head.

    The Manipulator, Lim, is one of the most impressive and well-respected manipulators in the world. He mesmerized the audience with lightning speed card tricks. By the end of his first trick, he was out of breath. That’s how fast his hands (and body) move.

    The Illusionists Live From Broadway will perform in TPAC’s Andrew Jackson Hall for one more night. Tickets are still available and it’s family-friendly fun for people of all ages. Get your tickets at TPAC’s official website.