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    Hunter Hayes Talks Private Smirnoff Concert + New Music

    Hunter Hayes started one fan’s summer on a truly special note.

    The multitalented musician joined the Smirnoff family to help them with their Smirnoff Summer of 2,021 Dreams giveaway by gifting one fan an intimate concert. We talked to him before the event about the partnership and why he’s keeping the story behind his new song under wraps.

    “One of our core values as a team and with me and my fans is fun,” Hayes told us on the phone. “There’s been a lot of talk about when are shows coming back and how do we get back to the thing that we miss the most in the ways that we connect. And for me, obviously, that’s live shows… We heard about this thing that Smirnoff is doing with 2,021 prizes.”

    “One of the things that we talked about with them — like a miniature live performance — the more we talked about it, the more it reminded me of one of my favorite things. I always start the year before we tour with an acoustic performance of some kind with fans… This is about as special. The most special version of getting to play music again and connect with the fans.”

    Preparing for this kind of intimate event isn’t the same as a tour and Hayes feels less pressure getting ready for Jennifer Mulkey’s private show.

    “That’s kind of why I’m so excited about this because there is no pressure. This is so personal. In fact, you know, we brought a whole like PA [system] and we’re not even going to use it… And it’s a small group and the winner has actually been to some of our shows before, she knows my music. So there’s familiarity, it feels like catching up with old friends, which I’m really grateful for.”

    “And if anything, it’s going to be more human, more personal because of the way that we’re doing it. For me, that’s a dream getting back into performing that way is the best I could think to do it.”

    We had to ask about the setlist for the special Smirnoff show but he was ready to just go with the flow and enjoy possible requests and one-on-one time with Mulkey. His new song, “If You Change Your Mind,” might have been on the setlist but, along with the songs on his new record, he won’t be sharing as much of the backstory about his songs.

    “What I love about this album is kind of accidentally not all of these songs are about relationships… In the past, I’ve been able to identify that this is definitely about this person… This is a very different writing style for me.”

    Hayes says fans have made his relationships songs their own with their own storyline and that’s something he’d like to keep going. “Now I’m kind of taking a step back from sharing as much of the personal details because I’d much rather them have their own story connected to it than mess it up.”

    Stay tuned for more from Hayes and get his new song by clicking on the artwork below. And, if you’re over 21, check out Smirnoff Ice Red White & Berry this summer.

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