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    The Hermitage Hotel to Celebrate 100 Years of Women’s Right to Vote

    “An integral part of our mission here is to preserve and promote our community’s history and culture."

    The Hermitage Hotel has been a hub for state politics since it opened back in 1910. While they continue to be a beautiful hotel and venue, they also strive to honor our city and its history. That’s why they’re celebrating 100 years of women’s right to vote with events, exhibits and more. After all, The Hermitage Hotel became an infamous backdrop for political leaders in the weeks and months leading up to ratification. 

    “We’re extremely honored to be in a position to celebrate our role in this pivotal time in history. As a team that takes great pride in our hotel’s past, we look forward to many opportunities over the next 12 months to share that history with our guests and the Nashville community,” says The Hermitage Hotel’s Managing Director, Dee Patel.

    “An integral part of our mission here is to preserve and promote our community’s history and culture. In a city that’s so rapidly changing, it’s an honor to be a part of this dialogue, and we’re proud to have a place in educational and cultural activities like celebrating Tennessee’s role in the 19th Amendment’s ratification.”

    Patel has been with the hotel for over 16 years and she’s their first female Managing Director. She runs all facets of the company.

    “I always say, ‘If these walls could talk, what stories would they tell?’ This is our chance to give the community a closer look into a piece of our 110-year legacy and tell those stories.”

    Below is a list of events The Hermitage Hotel will host in honor of the milestone anniversary. More details will be announced in the coming weeks and months.

    Historic Nook Women’s Suffrage Takeover 

    Aug. 2019 through Aug. 2020 in the Grand Lobby

    Explore a display of The Hermitage Hotel’s private collection of historic artifacts dating from the summer of 1920, when both Pro and Anti Suffrage leaders were headquartered in the hotel. This display will be located in the lobby next to the front desk and will be open for all to see throughout the centennial year.

    Suffrage-Themed Craft Cocktail Menu

    Aug. 2019 through Aug. 2020 at Oak Bar

    In the summer of 1920, Pro and Anti Suffragists lobbied the men of Capitol Hill for the right to vote inside the Oak Bar beneath The Hermitage Hotel. Although forbidden by prohibition, many legislators and lobbyists winked at the 18th Amendment while fighting for and against the 19th. Travel back in time to the final battleground of Women’s Suffrage and honor this unique moment in history for an immersive, pop-up bar experience inside the storied Oak Bar.

    Suffrage Tea Series

    Summer 2020

    The beginnings of the Women’s Suffrage Movement started over a simple afternoon tea amongst five women discussing moral and political injustices towards women. Soon, it became the launching platform as the movement gained momentum, allowing women a place to gather and organize their efforts in advancing the cause. Now, a century later we invite both visitors and locals alike to experience a suffrage tea in our Veranda and learn about the events that transpired inside our hotel leading up to the ratification of the 19th Amendment.

    Capitol Grille 1920 Dinner Features

    Summer 2020 at Capitol Grille

    Executive Chef Derek Brooks will feature culinary delights dating back to the 1920s throughout summer 2020 in The Hermitage Hotel’s stalwart restaurant, Capitol Grille. These throwback dishes will give a taste of what Suffrage leaders and politicians of the time enjoyed as they worked to pass the 19th Amendment. Chef Brooks will collaborate with our gardener at Glen Leven, Sarah Bush, to feature heirloom varieties of legumes dating back to the Suffrage period.

    Summer 2020 Female Artist Music Series

    First Fridays of June, July, and Aug. 2020 in the Grand Lobby

    A special lineup of local Nashville women musicians will be invited to perform on the first Friday of each summer month. Appreciate Nashville’s treasured female talent in the historic Grand Lobby of The Hermitage Hotel. 

    Yellow Rose Gala

    Aug. 2020

    Join The Hermitage Hotel for a spectacular evening celebrating the centennial anniversary for Women’s Suffrage in the heart of where the final battle happened. This ticketed, multi-course dinner and will feature notable female chefs from across the country to celebrate the ratification of the 19th Amendment in 1920.