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    Try This Sangria Recipe in Place of Herb Ertlinger’s Fruit Wine

    Tonight’s the night. The finale of Schitt’s Creek airs tonight on Pop TV and, to be honest, I’m not ready. I’m not ready to say goodbye to the Rose family. I’m not ready to say goodbye to Stevie’s smart remarks. I’m not ready to stop hearing Twyla’s, um, interesting stories. I’m not ready to leave the Schitt family’s shenanigans either. Basically, I need a drink to help me cope.

    Unfortunately, Herb Ertlinger’s fruit wine isn’t a real thing (I know, I was disappointed too) and that’s exactly what would hit the spot. Or maybe it would just numb the pain, either way… I can’t get my hands on any.

    Since I can’t get Ertlinger’s “earthy” wine, I decided to make my own fruit wine. I’m taking a bottle out of the wine fridge (you know, one of the ones that you can just tell isn’t going to be good) and making a good old fashioned sangria! Hey, it’s got fruit in it.

    This sangria starts with fruit. Today, I used apples and oranges along with a bottle of cheap red wine and rum. I’ve done this with several different fruits, depending on what I had in stock. This particular wine was a little dry so I added a dash of brown sugar. Instead of brandy, I used white rum (of course Nashville Noise loves Blue Chair Bay). This is a recipe I made my own from The Minimalist Baker’s “Easy Traditional Red Sangria” recipe. See the original here and don’t be afraid to make it your own!



    Before the finale, relive some of our favorite things from Schitt’s Creek. Here are our favorite quotes from Moira Rose herself and the hilarious trailer for The Crows Have Eyes 3.

    The finale of Schitt’s Creek airs at a special time tonight. It’s on at 7 PM followed by a special documentary about the comedy.

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