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    Jamie Lee Curtis Leads Mob Against Michael Myers in ‘Halloween Kills’ Trailer

    "Evil dies tonight," Jamie Lee Curtis says.

    The trailer for Halloween Kills is here in all of its bloody glory.

    If you hadn’t already guessed, Michael Myers is indeed alive after surviving the house fire from the 2018 film. In the beginning of the trailer, we see him emerge from the blaze after firefighters arrive on the scene (despite Jamie Lee Curtis screaming for them to “let him burn!”). He takes on the first responders before the clip cuts Laurie Strode (Curtis) in a hospital bed.

    “It’s over,” Strode says before the inevitable happens and we’re told, “Michael Myers is alive.” His killing rampage begins as Strode pulls herself from the hospital bed, ready to fight again proclaiming, “Evil dies tonight.”

    Strode says the only answer is to fight as we see an angry mob begin to congregate and chant. This is a trailer you have to see to believe.

    Halloween Kills is set to hit theaters on Oct. 15, after being delayed due to the pandemic. This isn’t the last in the horror franchise with Halloween Ends set to drop in 2022.