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    Music Crush of the Month: Hailey Verhaalen’s ‘Sunday Morning Love You’

    We’re continuing our coverage of country artist Hailey Verhaalen with her brand new song. “Sunday Morning Love You” is the singer’s new track — and it also happens to be our favorite. It’s a song she co-wrote with Steven Cade and Brittany Moore.

    As we mentioned in our initial introduction to Verhaalen, this new song is a new side of the fireball singer. Instead of showing us her fun side (which she definitely has), she’s showing off her sweet side.

    “This song is very special to me because it’s my first time ever releasing a love song,” Verhaalen says. “I don’t like releasing music that doesn’t relate to my real life somehow and, up until this point, I couldn’t relate to it on a deep emotional level. It’s like we wrote this song for my future, very much in love self.”

    That’s right. It’s a sweet love song that’ll get you grooving from the first second. It’s addictive before she even opens her mouth but it’s her powerhouse vocals, and beautiful lyrics, that will keep you hooked as the song progresses.

    Much like Verhaalen’s musical evolution, the song does the same. She reveals that although she’s OK with the downtown life, it’s really the next morning that she can’t get enough of.

    I love to Sunday morning love you,” she sings. “It feels like heaven right beside you. Lost in the covers, lost in your eyes. It feels like the first time every time. I love to Sunday morning love you.”

    Check out the brand new song from Verhaalen below and, remember, it’s best to support indie artists by purchasing their music or merchandise! And stay tuned for our interview with her next week.

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