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    Music Crush of the Month: Hailey Verhaalen’s S’mores 3 Ways

    For Hailey Verhaalen’s last feature as our Music Crush of the Month, she brought something delicious. Her favorite s’mores recipes — three ways. The following was written by Verhaalen herself.

    “When I think of my childhood, I think of all the weekends I spent up in the woods camping with my dad, brother and our best family friends. I think of skipping rocks with my best friend in the creek by camp, shooting my pink BB gun at pop cans past the tents and riding my quad through trails in a convoy of all of my cherished family friends. Those long, adventure filled days always ended with everyone surrounding a campfire swapping stories, eating too many snacks and watching our parents drink way too many beers while us kids found a stick to carve into a point so we could roast the perfect marshmallow.

    I guess this is where my love for s’mores started! Since then, I have experimented with many different ways to assemble the perfect s’more, and have recently even started a TikTok series called “100 Ways to Make a S’more”! It was tough to narrow it down, but here are three of my favorite ways of making a s’more I’ve come up with so far!



    Cooooookies and Cream Deluxe S’more


    Fudge Covered Graham Crackers

    Cookies and Cream Candy Bar


    1.Roast Marshmallow

    2. Assemble s’more like you normally would!

    Cookies and cream flavored anything is my favorite! So I had to try some sort of s’more with cookies and cream in mind. This combo was perfect! Watch how I did it here.



    Leggo My Eggo S’more


Mini Cinnamon Sugar Frozen Waffles 

    Regular or Chocolate Syrup 


    1. Toast frozen waffles 

    2. Place one toasted waffle in air fryer and put 2 marshmallows on top

    3. Air fry on 400 for 2-4 min 

    4. Take out and top marshmallow with syrup of choice

    5. Place second waffle on top to complete the s’more

    I grew up eating these mini waffles, so thought it would be the perfect replacement for the traditional Graham Cracker. I was definitely right! Use whatever kind of sauce you’re feeling. Check out the video here.



    Maple Bacon Madness S’more


Maple Bacon Doughnut (or any flavored doughnut)


    1. Cut doughnut in half horizontally and warm up in microwave

    2. Roast marshmallow 

    3. Assemble s’more.

    This s’more was SOOOOO GOOOD! The combo of different sweet flavors mixed with the salty bacon makes my mouth water just talking about it. That is why this one landed spot number one! Check out the video.


    It’s pretty obvious, but the options of ways to make a s’more are endless! I’d love to see what s’more combinations you’ve tried and love, or hear ideas of what you think would go best together. It may just end up on my TikTok channel.”