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    Nashville’s The Green Pheasant Launches Lunch, Ikigai Happy Hour

    The Green Pheasant has big news! They just started serving all-day service at the eatery that includes a mid-day Ikigai Happy Hour. The Green Pheasant recently opened inside the 222 2nd Avenue South building in SoBro.

    Weekday lunches will start at 11 AM. Food will be served through 2 PM featuring teishoku meal sets, sandos, noodles and ramen. After lunch, they’ll stay open for a mid-day Ikigai Happy Hour. That happens from 2 PM to 5 PM. During that time, 5% of sales will be donated to different community organizations every month. The Barefoot Farmer, via the Nashville Food Project, will be the recipient of the first month of Ikagai Happy Hour, with proceeds helping to rebuild his barn that recently burned down.

    Although The Green Pheasant is known for their delicious Japanese cuisine, the chefs focused on their downtown business demographic. To do that, they offer “set meals.” Featuring a main dish, miso soup, tsukemono, rice and daily sides, these meals are traditionally served all at once. Teishoku options include: Opah Shioyaki (grilled Hawaiian moonfish), Yakiniku (seared TN skirt steak), Tonkatsu (pork cutlet and snowy cabbage), and Kushiyaki (grilled eggplant, avocado and shiitake).

    In addition to the sets, the lunch menu will highlight The Green Pheasant’s signature ramen dishes including: Shio Wontonmen (chashu, shrimp wonton, chicken and smoked ham broth, greens, menma and ajitama) and Yasai Shoyu (vegetable broth, tofu puff, radish, cabbage and charcoal oil). Noddle dishes include: Katsudon (chicken cutlet, dashi, egg and mitsuba) and Udon (bonito carbonara, almonds and pepper), among others. Sandos including: Katsu (panko pork cutlet), Hambuga (hamburger, tartar sauce and Havarti), Numa-San (kewpie cabbage and pork belly) and Tamago (Japanese egg salad).

    “We want to fill a void in downtown and offer the business crowd a unique, time-efficient and soulful lunch,” says Seed Hospitality partner Patrick Burke. “In addition to lunch and dinner, we’ll offer a mid-day menu so people can stop by and grab a bite whenever their schedule allows while helping out a member of our food and hospitality community in Nashville. Offering the flexibility of all-day dining is important, especially in this neighborhood, and we appreciate the opportunity to give back.”

    Make reservations and find more information on their official website or by calling (615) 205-5400.

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