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    Green Hill Music Group Announces Partnership with Hi-Tide Recordings

    Green Hill Music Group is keeping the summer vibes going thanks to a brand new distribution partnership. The Nashville-based record label has added a partnership with Hi-Tide Recordings, a label known for its “Surf, Lounge & Exotic Sounds.”

    If you’re not familiar with Hi-Tide Recordings, they’re an international label based in New Jersey that’s owned and operated by husband and wife Vincent Minervino and Magdalena O’Connell. Since 2016, they’ve been creating an impressive catalog that includes surf, lounge, exotica and swing-era Hawaiian music through both digital and vinyl releases. The releases include The Surfrajettes, The Hula Girls, Los Frenéticos, The Hi-Risers, The Volcanics, the Black Flamingos and more.

    “We are excited to be partners with Green Hill,” O’Connell says, “as both brands have a passion for creating atmosphere through music. Hi-Tide is about an ‘always on vacation’ mindset, providing a quick escape to a faraway shore to watch the surfers, or to a dimly-lit bar for an exotic cocktail.”

    Minervino adds, “While we draw inspiration from sounds of mid-century Americana, we feel that some of the best music of this style is being created today. Our goal is to introduce new and developing artists to longtime ‘Surf, Lounge & Exotic’ music fans, as well as expand the audience. This new partnership with Green Hill will help us do just that.”

    Through the partnership, Green Hill Music Group will distribute the Hi-Tide catalog including two brand-new records that drop later this year. The Volcanics’ Christmas Wassailing and Slowey and The Boats’ Merry Christmas from Slowey and The Boats, Vol. 1 & 2 are both set for release in November.

    This partnership will allow Green Hill to add and expand surf music in their catalog but it will also allow them to work together to keep summer vibes going all the time.

    “Hi-Tide is the perfect complement to Green Hill’s roster,” said Blake Davis, GM of Green Hill. “The strategic opportunity to expand Hi-Tide’s brand and market reach with the added support of Primary Wave’s brand synergy, sync, and marketing teams is incredibly exciting…not to mention the A&R potential when looking across the roster of all companies.” 

    Get that summer feeling yourself by checking out Hi-Tide Recordings’ “Surf, Lounge & Exotic Sounds” playlist here.